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Photo of Olaf and Edith Berry

Olaf and Edith Berry

Photo of Faye and Jim Adkins and their children

Faye and Jim Adkins and their children

Faye Adkins continues
"The Family Tradition"

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. I'm honored that you have an interest in our products and I would like to tell you a little more about myself and Mimi's Kitchen.

I'm a retired Executive Secretary, having worked for 27 years. Jim and I were married in 1958 and have five children and 16 grandchildren. All of them call me "Mimi". When they come over for dinner, they somehow seem to congregate in the kitchen; it's always loud and hectic, but something I really enjoy.

In the late 1960's, my Mom & Dad, Edith & Olaf Berry of Kansas City, Mo., began making Country Chow-Chow for their own use and to give to friends and family. They always received a lot of compliments, and it gave them a great deal of pleasure to make something that was enjoyed by so many. After they passed away, I became the "official relish maker" and have continued their tradition of giving them to friends and family. It occurred to me that I would like to market their relishes; not only because I believe they are unique products, but also because I would like to honor the memory of my parents in this small way. Knowing how pleased they would be, I am happy to be able to do this.

We hope you enjoy our products. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write us at relish@mimis-kitchen.com. Thank you for your business.

Faye Adkins

The products are for sale in 16-ounce jars; the four-jar pack is $37.50, and the two-jar pack is $25 (shipping and handling costs to continental United States addresses are included). All packages are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Tennessee customers will pay Tennessee sales tax. For more information, send e-mail to relish@mimis-kitchen.com, or telephone 901-761-0714.